Payday Loan Integration


We have a wide range of easy integration solutions with same day setup!

Commission Structure


We offer the best commissions in the industry.

Quiddi Tracking Portal

Tracking Portal

View all lead data, results and commissions in realtime with our Tracking Portal.

Quiddi Hub Affiliate

The Quiddi Hub Affiliate program offers the best conversion ratio and payouts available in the industry. Our strength in financial services verticals is second to none and we have direct relationships with lenders in the following sectors:

Short term unsecured lending

(e.g. Payday loans)

Medium term unsecured lending

(e.g. term and installment loans)

Longer term unsecured lending

Credit cards


More importantly our technology allows you to know in ‘real time’ whether a lead has been bought/sold and in real time you can see how much you are getting paid. Because we operate on a cost per acquired lead model you will get paid very quickly; usually within four weeks so don’t have to worry about cash flow.

If you want to sell leads in financials services and lending then try our platform and network and experience the Quiddi Hub difference!

It’s easy to become an Affiliate.

Ping Tree

We integrate with more lenders worldwide than any other affiliate program. That means we have the scale and reach to sell not just some but all of your leads. We specialise in understanding different affiliate needs and marketing methods. So whether you are an SEO affiliate, a PPC affiliate or provide email/SMS list marketing we know what will work for you and can help you optimise your performance through our network. However if you do not have your own website you can use one of our own custom made websites to generate sales and if you performance is great we can even create a website for you.

Joining is really simple:

  • Sign up online (takes a few minutes)
  • Get approved and assigned your own account manager
  • Decide whether you are going to use the Quiddi Hub iframe form in your website, develop your own form or use one of our custom made websites to connect into us

That’s it – now you can start earning money!

  • Highest commission in the industry: guaranteed!
  • No set up fees
  • Largest panel of Affiliates and Lenders in the UK
  • Best conversion rates
  • Real-time analytics
  • Dedicated UK team
Loan Website Owner

Loan Website Owner

Simply replace your existing form with ours within an iFrame on your site and start converting leads today.

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Loan Website Owner


Increase your ROI by adding high converting creative banner links to key areas of your site.

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PPC Partners

PPC Marketeer

Receive an affiliate ID, choose one of our fully branded sites and away you go.

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SEO Marketeer

SEO Marketeer

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List Manager

List Manager

If you’re a list manager looking for a high return - The Quiddi Hub loan affiliate program is right for you.

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