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We have a wide range of easy integration solutions with same day setup!

Commission Structure


We offer the best commissions in the industry.

Quiddi Tracking Portal

Tracking Portal

View all lead data, results and commissions in realtime with our Tracking Portal.


Ping Tree

At Quiddi Hub you have the potential to earn the best commission in the industry. What is more is that you are able to see results on a rea me basis and so you know how much you have earned and when you will get paid. Most importantly we pay on a ‘cost per acquisition/lead’ basis and not a ‘cost per funded’ basis. This means you do not have to wait months for your money and second guess whether your leads actually sold or not. We give you the certainty you need to run your business. All our new affiliates get paid within four weeks to start with.

  • Highest commission in the industry: guaranteed!
  • No set up fees
  • Largest panel of Affiliates and Lenders in the UK
  • Best conversion rates
  • Real-time analytics
  • Dedicated UK team