Payday Loan Integration


We have a wide range of easy integration solutions with same day setup!

Commission Structure


We offer the best commissions in the industry.

Quiddi Tracking Portal

Tracking Portal

View all lead data, results and commissions in realtime with our Tracking Portal.

SEO Marketeer

SEO Marketeer

Is your loan website ranking high and you're looking to monetise the traffic? All you have to do is simply add our Quiddi form on your site and you can start converting leads today. We provide you with an affiliate ID and a login to the Quiddi Portal where you can track results in realtime.

  • Monetise every lead
  • High commission and sales rates
  • On time payments – everytime!
  • Realtime Quiddi Analytics™
  • Regulatory compliance services

Our team offers a world class service to help you maximise your returns. That includes supporting you from start to finish making sure that you are both ‘compliant’ and aware of the best practices needed so that Lenders keep buying your leads.

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